Innovations in Indoor Agriculture: Funding Success, Facility Launch, and New Software Unveiled!

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This Week in Indoor Farming: Maia Farms Secures Funding, GoodLeaf Farms Launches $52M Facility, and Certhon Unveils Thevi Yield Forecasting Software

Maia Farms has successfully concluded its Pre-Seed financing round, securing over $2 million in funding from a blend of private capital and matched grants, with significant investor backing from Joyful Ventures, PIC Group, and Koan Capital, alongside angel investors from Creative Destruction Lab. Grant support from prominent institutions like the Canadian Space Agency further bolsters the company's financial foundation, empowering them to advance research and development initiatives swiftly. CEO Gavin Schneider emphasizes gratitude for the support, outlining plans to accelerate R&D, expand operations, and promote their flagship product, CanPro™, a sustainable protein ingredient recognized for its innovation in prestigious competitions like the Deep Space Food Challenge. Investors like Jennifer Stojkovic of Joyful Ventures express confidence in Maia Farms' mycelium-based technology, seeing it as pivotal in fostering a climate-positive food system, positioning Canada as a frontrunner in sustainable protein production.

GoodLeaf Farms has unveiled a new $52 million vertical farming facility in Calgary, slated to generate over 90 jobs and produce more than two million pounds of fresh greens annually, bolstering local food security. This expansion aligns with Calgary's aim to become an agricultural technology hub. Calgary Economic Development President Brad Parry lauds the move, citing it as indicative of the city's potential in solving global challenges. Leveraging hydroponic systems, the farm not only boosts the local food supply but also contributes to Calgary's innovation-driven economic strategy. Calgary's strategic location as Western Canada's inland port enhances its appeal for agricultural ventures, as emphasized by GoodLeaf's senior VP Jeff McKinnon. Educational collaboration and provincial support further catalyze growth, with projections suggesting significant contributions to Alberta's GDP by 2030. GoodLeaf's initiative reflects a broader shift towards sustainability, positioning Calgary as a key player in the global energy transition.

Certhon introduces Thevi, a lettuce yield forecasting software aiming to revolutionize decision-making and pricing strategies for growers. Leveraging deep learning and continuous crop imaging, Thevi boasts up to 95% accuracy in yield predictions. Early user Mark Delissen of Deliscious attests to its operational efficiency improvements and customer service enhancements. Certhon's CEO Lotte van Rijn underscores the company's dedication to merging plant science with technology to meet grower needs. Thevi will be showcased at GreenTech Amsterdam, with Certhon offering demonstrations and detailed information for broader accessibility, highlighting its commitment to advancing agricultural technology.

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