Transforming Agriculture: AI-Based Irrigation, Sustainable Greenhouses, and the Future of Crop Management

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This Week in Indoor Farming: AI Irrigation, Greenhouse Technologies, and Data-Driven Crop Management Unveils Autonomous Irrigation Control Powered by AI has unveiled Source Irrigation Control, a groundbreaking AI-driven autonomous irrigation system designed to optimize irrigation strategies by analyzing weather and plant data, drastically reducing manual oversight. This innovation enhances operational efficiency and scalability for growers, enabling resource savings and quick adaptation to changing conditions. Demonstrated success in pilot projects with industry leaders like Rainbow Growers, AgroCare, and Combivliet has shown the system's ability to significantly improve irrigation precision, thereby boosting crop quality and yield. Source Irrigation Control is a testament to's dedication to advancing fruit and vegetable cultivation globally through AI, marking a transformative step in agricultural irrigation practices towards greater efficiency and sustainability. 

KUBO and Windset Farms Launch a New Sustainable Greenhouse

KUBO Greenhouse Projects and Windset Farms have launched a 24-acre LED-lit greenhouse in Delta, BC, setting a new benchmark in sustainable agriculture. This facility, the largest of its kind in Western North America, incorporates state-of-the-art technologies for energy and water efficiency, facilitating year-round production of high-quality produce. Achieving a construction milestone in just 80 days, this collaboration underscores both companies' commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and utilizing renewable energy, aligning with KUBO's vision for a sustainable future in greenhouse farming. The project aims to address the growing demand for locally grown produce in Western Canada, the US, and Asia, establishing new industry standards for responsible and innovative cultivation practices. This initiative not only signifies a major leap towards sustainability but also exemplifies the potential of technological advancements in enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural practices globally.

IUNU Vows To Shift Crop Registration Methods To Data-Driven Approach

IUNU is spearheading a shift in greenhouse crop registration, moving away from traditional manual methods towards a data-driven approach with its automated LUNA platform. Traditional techniques have been criticized for their time-consuming nature, high costs, and error susceptibility, failing to provide detailed insights due to plant variability. IUNU's LUNA platform introduces an automated crop registration module specifically for tomatoes, aiming to provide greenhouse growers with precise, real-time data on plant growth and health. This innovation seeks to empower growers by enhancing their ability to optimize growing conditions, promptly identify issues, and improve decision-making. IUNU is promoting this paradigm shift by inviting growers to explore the benefits of the LUNA platform at Indoor Ag-con Las Vegas and other events, signaling a significant step towards modernizing greenhouse agriculture through technology-driven solutions.

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