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  • World Changing Ideas, Hydroponic Lockdown, Retrofitting for CEA, and More! - 🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - May 6th, 2022

World Changing Ideas, Hydroponic Lockdown, Retrofitting for CEA, and More! - 🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - May 6th, 2022

Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome to this week's issue of Vertical Farming Weekly, Late Night Edition!

As climate change becomes more of an issue, Denmark has decided to label food on their climate impact. Obviously, Vertical Farmed produce would score highest on the Climate Friendly Tier List.

Read all about that, and more, in this week's Vertical Farming Weekly.

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This Week in Vertical Farming...

This Week's Episode

Harry welcomes back to the show John Purcell - CEO of Unfold to discuss ongoing Vertical Farming conferences, supply chain and growing a team strategically.

Episode Summary

President and CEO of Unfold, Dr. John Purcell returns to the show to discuss the progress he’s made helping improve efficiencies within the indoor agriculture community. John speaks to his desire to branch out beyond leafy greens, tomatoes and cucumbers to other crops and talks about the recent launch of their Innovation Partner Program.

John discusses the various challenges facing the vertical farming industry, how he approaches strategically growing a team, and what the next year holds for Unfold.

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts!

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If you are starting a vertical farm and don't know where to begin, or which technology would suit your needs, Cultivatd can help. As indoor farm brokers, they help connect you to the right technology and ensure your project is successful. Best of all, their service is free. They work on behalf of their partners.

Vertical Farming Jobs (.com)

Multiple jobs are currently listed on VerticalFarmingJobs.com.

We’ve been hearing from fans of the show that there was a need to connect employers and job seekers alike. If you’re looking for employees or a job in CEA VerticalFarmingJobs.com is the place to find them.

Once again, we ❤️ CropTalk

Episode 190 - #KyleTalksAgtech: Indoor Farming Brokerage w. Eric Levesque

Eric Levesque, Co-Founder of Cultivatd wants to help indoor farmers launch with success via the proper partners. On this episode of CropTalk #KyleTalksAgtech I speak with Eric about the importance of finding the right supplier partners for your vertical farming or greenhouse needs, what it means to be a CEA broker and how Cultivatd plans to empower the indoor farming community via their FaaS (farming as a service) model.

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Issue #14 of Vertical Farming Weekly was curated by Noah Konevitch.

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