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This Week in Indoor Farming

Bowery, a pioneer in sustainable indoor farming, announced its expansion across the eastern U.S., from Massachusetts to Georgia. This geographical expansion is made possible through a collaboration with Amazon Fresh, which will make Bowery’s pesticide-free greens and salad kits more readily available to consumers in these regions.

Shoppers will now be able to access Bowery’s popular lettuces, including Baby Butter, Crispy Leaf, Baby Romaine, and Spring Mix, as well as two salad kits featuring Sesame Ginger and Balsamic Vinaigrette, all through the convenience of home delivery via Amazon Fresh.

Chief Sales Officer at Bowery, Matt Williams, emphasized the increasing consumer demand for sustainable and pesticide-free produce. “By taking our partnership with Amazon Fresh to the next level, we’re excited to bring our climate-smart produce to even more regions, offering access to more shoppers up and down the east coast,” he said.

Bowery greens and salad kits, now featuring a compostable fork, will be available from 18 Amazon Fresh Fulfillment Centers spread across the east coast. Bowery’s fresh greens, harvested at their peak, promise delivery to customers’ doorsteps within just a few days, ensuring the highest freshness and quality.

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture in Saudi Arabia has taken a significant step towards promoting innovation in the agricultural sector by announcing the commencement of the “Agriculture Hackathon.” This event is set to inspire and support young individuals, developers, and innovators to drive creativity and technological advancements within the agricultural domain.

The primary objective of the Agriculture Hackathon is to generate digital solutions, platforms, and applications that can intelligently tackle the challenges the agricultural sector faces. By doing so, the ministry aims to foster a sustainable agricultural ecosystem in alignment with the objectives of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. This national strategic plan seeks to diversify the economy, reduce dependency on oil revenue, and promote a thriving society with a focus on innovation and technological progress.

The competition will play a pivotal role in supporting agricultural development goals by addressing various vital aspects. With growing populations and increasing pressure on limited resources, ensuring food and water security is paramount. Participants in the Agriculture Hackathon are encouraged to propose innovative solutions that can enhance the country's food production and water management. Moreover, Embracing modern technologies and innovative practices can significantly improve productivity and the overall quality of agricultural produce. The hackathon aims to unearth cutting-edge ideas that can be implemented to enhance the sector’s efficiency.

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