Vertical Harvest To Expand In Detroit, Companies Further Partnerships.

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This Week in Indoor Farming

Bedrock, a leading urban development company, and Vertical Harvest, an indoor farming organization, have announced plans to explore the creation of Vertical Harvest Detroit. The proposed structure in Detroit's Milwaukee Junction neighborhood would span 60,000 square feet, stand 74 feet tall, and feature a 205,000-square-foot growing canopy. 

Using hydroponic, vertical, and controlled environmental agricultural practices, the facility is estimated to produce 2.2 million pounds of fresh vegetables such as lettuce, petite greens, microgreens, and herbs annually. More than 70% of the produce would be committed to distribution within a 100-mile radius of Detroit, prioritizing local and regional distributors and community institutions, thereby mitigating long-distance transportation challenges.

The partnership aims to address food insecurity, a critical urban problem, and increase nutritional security, particularly in the face of threats like pandemics, climate change, and extreme weather. As part of this sustainable urban infrastructure, Vertical Harvest is set to provide a year-round supply of peak flavor and nutritious produce right in the heart of Detroit. The urban farming concept, backed by Bedrock's resources, is expected to significantly reduce water usage and preserve arable land compared to traditional farming. Vertical Harvest is also committed to inclusive hiring, providing opportunities for people with disabilities, with more than 40% of its employees identifying as neurodiverse or with a physical or intellectual disability. This collaboration seeks to enhance the city's resilience, provide equitable and sustainable options, and promote green jobs in Detroit.

Coming up this week, a recap of the Indoor AgTech Summit & Expo. 

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