🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - March 4th, 2022

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This week in Vertical Farming we have some interesting topics. The main one being Carbon Footprint. As fuel and energy prices rise around the globe is CEA really as sustainable as we think?

Also, CEA is booming overseas as Singapore gets closer to completing its first large-scale vertical farm, while the Russian invasion in Ukraine threatens the local agriculture industry.

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This Week in Vertical Farming

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In case you missed it...

Join Harry Duran as he speaks with Scot Bryson - Founder of Orbital Farm about the technology that goes into addressing climate change and the hunger crisis. Listen to it here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Join Harry Duran, host of Vertical Farming Podcast, as he welcomes to the show Scot Bryson, founder of Orbital Farm, a global agri tech company supplying fresh vegetables, fish, and vegan protein to local markets around the world. Scot has spent his life and career as a problem solver, from picking stones and baling hay in farm fields, to becoming an entrepreneur at 22 and building a multi-million dollar advertising agency over a decade.

Today, Harry and Scot dive deep into the fascinating and honorable work Scot is doing to address existential threats such as climate change and other massive issues like world hunger. Scot gets technical and talks about the process by which he builds a team and how he and his team are integrating advanced technologies in vertical farming. Finally, Scot shares his vision for the future of Orbital Farm, which will include building 200 circular mega projects around the planet to support and feed billions of people here on earth today, and spend the next 20 years prototyping and developing the technology to feed people in space in the future.

Support a Vertical Farming Pioneer

Farm.One is a vertical farm in New York City that has been delivering local grown greens using reuseable packaging since 2016. Farm.One’s founder Robert Laing was also guest on the Vertical Farming Podcast back in Season 3. Recently, a few key investors in Farm.One’s most recent round of funding pulled out, putting the company at risk of shutting down. In the words of Robert Laing, “This is the emergency parachute cord that I am pulling right now.

If you would like the opportunity to help Farm.One stay afloat and continue their journey to create a more sustainable future you can make a commitment to invest here.

Vertical Farming Jobs

A new job has just been posted to verticalfarmingjobs.com. No matter if you're seeking for a job or an employee, verticalfarmingjobs.com is the one stop shop for careers in CEA.

That concludes this week's issue of Vertical Farming Weekly!

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