🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - February 18th, 2022

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In the news this week we have a story about a new vertical farm coming to my home state, Pennsylvania, not too far from where I grew up. It's great to see what was once a tired area come onto the future of agriculture as we know it.

Make sure you listen to our latest episode featuring Michael Sichenzia, Managing Director at Go Global Advisor, where he and Harry discuss what it takes to launch a successful vertical farm.

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This Week in Vertical Farming

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This Week's Guest

Michael Sichenzia - Managing Director at Go Global Advisors. Listen to episode 52 here or wherever you get your podcasts.

S4E52: The Deal and PR Blueprint for Launching Successful Vertical Farm Projects with Michael Sichenzia

Join Harry Duran, host of Vertical Farming Podcast, as he welcomes to the show Michael Sichenzia. Michael is the Managing Director at Go Global Advisors and today, he shares his passion for bringing food to communities and what led him to pursue work in the vertical farming industry.

Specifically, Michael speaks to the intricacies of developing container farms, everything from getting zoning approval from the local or city government to what he looks for when building a team. Michael is highly mission-focused and wants to leave a legacy of making the world a better place, or at the very least trying to. Michael touches on his involvement in the From Mary With Love project, his relationship with Freight Farms and his belief that education about the vertical farming industry comes through empowerment.

Vertical Farming Jobs

Excited to announce the launch of http://verticalfarmingjobs.com. We've been hearing from fans of the show that there was a need to connect employers and job seekers alike. Any and all feedback welcome! Readers of this newsletter get 50% off all postings for the month of February. Use promo code 'VFJnewsletter'

Elsewhere in CEA... Pt. 2

In addition to promoting our very own Vertical Farming Podcast, we believe in promoting podcasts we enjoy and recommend. This week we have another episode of CropTalk, with Kyle Barnnet. Kyle was a previous guest of ours so we encourage everyone reading to check out the latest episode of his podcast.

Episode 178 - #KyleTalksAgtech: Growing Food and Medicine at OnePointOne Vertical Farms w. Sam Burtram

What does the future of vertical farming look like? Will we be able to grow not only food but medicine in the future using this technology?

On this episode of CropTalk #KyleTalksAgtech Sam Burtram, CEO of OnePointOne answers these questions and dives deep into some of the industry challenges and his experience developing a team and system to grow vertically using aeroponics.

Additional topics include the value of vertical farming for retailers, the progression of accessible food over time, and how "your engineer's customer is your grower."

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