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Welcome to this week's issue of Vertical Farming Weekly. We're wishing a happy Easter and happy Passover to those who celebrate and a happy spring break to our student demographic. For everyone else, happy Friday!

Lots of great reads in the tabloids this week. Hopefully you learn something new!

As always, enjoy your weekend. And stay hydrated!

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This Week in Vertical Farming

In case you missed it...

Michael Sichenzia - Managing Director at Go Global Advisors. Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Join Harry Duran, host of Vertical Farming Podcast, as he welcomes to the show Michael Sichenzia. Michael is the Managing Director at Go Global Advisors and today, he shares his passion for bringing food to communities and what led him to pursue work in the vertical farming industry.

Specifically, Michael speaks to the intricacies of developing container farms, everything from getting zoning approval from the local or city government to what he looks for when building a team. Michael is highly mission-focused and wants to leave a legacy of making the world a better place, or at the very least trying to. Michael touches on his involvement in the From Mary With Love project, his relationship with Freight Farms and his belief that education about the vertical farming industry comes through empowerment. 

A Podcast We Love - CropTalk

Episode 187 - #KyleTalksAgtech: Real Estate and Infrastructure Strategy in CEA w. Rick Drescher

As controlled environment agriculture operations begin expanding across the country, what are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting your next site? 

On this episode of CropTalk #KyleTalksAgTech I speak with Rick Drescher, Corporate Managing Director at Savills North America. Topics include the importance of knowing your energy needs as accurately and as early as possible, looking at energy availability first to select the right site, and a friendly reminder that not all utility companies are created equal. 

Listen to the episode here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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If you are starting a vertical farm and don't know where to begin, or which technology would suit your needs, Cultivatd can help. As indoor farm brokers, they help connect you to the right technology and ensure your project is successful. Best of all, their service is free. They work on behalf of their partners.

Vertical Farming Jobs

Mechanical Design Engineer @ LettUs Grow

Multiple jobs are currently listed on VerticalFarmingJobs.com.

We’ve been hearing from fans of the show that there was a need to connect employers and job seekers alike. If you’re looking for employees or a job in CEA VerticalFarmingJobs.com is the place to find them.

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