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🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - October 28, 2023

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Season 9 of the Vertical Farming Podcast

Are you keen to discover the future of farming? Unveil the revolutionary world of vertical farming with our esteemed guest, Cody Journell, founder and CEO of Vegg, Inc. Cody, with his vast knowledge and innovative approach to Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), is pioneering a fresh perspective on how we perceive agriculture. This episode takes you on a thrilling journey into the heart of Vegg, Inc., where old school buildings transform into thriving vertical farms.

Step inside the unique landscape of vertical farming as we discuss how Vegg, Inc. is changing the game with their comprehensive guidance on infrastructure development, leasing options, and revenue models. We delve into their budding relationships with regional feed hubs and how these alliances might revolutionize local farming. We also reflect on the GAP Summit and the challenges small and medium-sized farmers face. Hear directly from Cody as he offers a glimpse into his leadership journey and how he is preparing his team for an industry that is in perpetual motion.

Lastly, we try to break down the intricacies of vertical farming for the everyday individual and understand the role it plays in preserving our farmlands. We evaluate how consumer habits need to change for vertical farming to be more widely accepted and discuss how the US could potentially halt the alarming loss of thousands of acres of farmland per day. Be inspired by the potential of Vegg, Inc.'s projects that aim to provide education and workforce development in rural areas. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that might just reshape your understanding of agriculture and its future.

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With all the messages we receive from those already established in vertical farming as well as those just beginning to explore this amazing industry, it felt like the right time to create a group on LinkedIn. No surprise, it’s called the Vertical Farming Community! Join us and spread the word.

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