Sunday Wrap-Up: What Happened in The Indoor Ag Sector This Week?

Every Sunday, discover the recent news highlighting the week in the indoor ag sector.

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Good morning readers, today we are going over this week’s indoor ag stock performance and the news highlighting the week in the indoor ag industry.

Indoor Ag companies haven’t had a great week in stock markets as most of them lost more than 10% of their stock value as a result of surprising news, desperate attempts to save the company’s future on markets, and driven by overall market conditions.

In Indoor Ag this week, we have a couple of partnership announcements calling for future funding in the industry as well as a company expanding its product portfolio to meet its demand.

The Supply Chain Behind Indoor Farms: An Upcoming Strategic U-Turn?

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Stock Market Recap Over The Past 5 Trading Days

  • Agrify Corp lost 87.67% of its value since its 1:10 reverse stock split falling to USD 2.22 a share at closing on Friday

  • Kalera lost 60.46% of its value since the beginning of the week driven by its decision to divest its seed subsidiary as well as international assets in the hopes of becoming cash flow positive sooner than anticipated. The stock closed at USD 0.28

  • Edible Garden lost 4.35% of its value this week but is at risk of a de-listing notice as the stock has been trading under USD 1.00 a share for over 30 days and received on the 11th of delisting notice from the Listing Qualification Staff of The Nasdaq Stock Market LLC

  • Urban-Gro gained 17.53% over the past 5 days driven by the company's announcement of USD 50M in signed contracts following the acquisition of Emerald Construction as well as the announcement of a binding letter of intent with a Texas-based Engineering company

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This Week in Indoor Ag

Besides, Kalera’s move to divest its Seed subsidiary and international assets, there have been certain announcements that marked the week in the indoor ag sector.

First, Vertical Harvest Farms and FundHer World Capital formed a partnership for long-term growth to support the indoor farming company’s plans to expand locations starting with the large-scale farm in Maine.

The company mentioned in its press release, that the partnership comes after the closing of their Series A and “lays the foundation for a Series B funding round, with the support of DRA Family Office”

The other news is Bill Gates’ Energy Venture fund is said to consider other sectors including indoor farming in a bid to expand beyond climate mitigation towards climate adaptation as the world faces increasing disruption from climate change. Though the company is no stranger to indoor farming (They led the latest funding round by Texas-based Iron Ox), the firm is said to focus on several areas to assist farmers facing increasing droughtiness, and hotter temperatures and ensure crops remain productive.

This move follows a recent announcement made by the Gates Foundation with the Qatar Investment Authority to jointly invest up to USD 200 million over the next two years to help prepare farmers in developing countries to adapt to climate change. The partnership focuses on introducing climate-adaptive farming methods (such as indoor farming) and technology to communities that depend on agriculture for both food and income, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, said Mark Suzman, chief executive officer of the Gates Foundation.

Lastly, Surna Cultivation Technologies, a subsidiary of CEAD industries is expanding its product portfolio offering water treatment solutions to its clients. In its press release, the company says that it “understands the need for pure, clean water to ensure consistent and healthy crops and will provide a comprehensive water treatment system based on clients’ unique water treatment needs”.

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