Sunday Wrap Up: Vertical Farming World Awards 2023 Celebrates Excellence as Lactuca Holdings Acquires Kalera

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This Week in Indoor Farming: Awards and Acquisitions

The Vertical Farming World Awards 2023, hosted by Zenith Global in London, celebrated excellence in vertical farming across various categories. Notable winners included UrbanKisaan for their innovative Okra seeds, ELLEPOT A/S for sustainability efforts, KETOS for AI development, and Vertical Future for farm design innovation. These awards showcase the industry's commitment to innovation and sustainability as vertical farming continues to shape the future of agriculture.

Lactuca Holdings, LLC has acquired the assets of US-based vertical farming company Kalera, with financial backing from private equity investment manager Sandton Capital Partners, in a move set to impact the agriculture technology landscape. Kalera, known for its unique pesticide-free, non-GMO vegetable production methods, operates indoor farming facilities in Atlanta, Denver, and Houston, all included in the acquisition. This acquisition aims to provide the necessary investment for Kalera's growth, strengthen customer relationships, and facilitate expansion with new retail and wholesale partners, all while retaining the Kalera brand and existing team. Kalera plans to increase production volumes, expand product offerings, and license its technology to other vertical growers to bolster the vertical agriculture industry's growth.

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