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This Week in Indoor Farming: Chasing Sustainability Through Forged Partnerships

Vertical Harvest, a Wyoming-based indoor farming company focused on employing individuals with disabilities, has partnered with the Food Bank of Wyoming to distribute fresh greens to low-income communities. Emphasizing a "feed locals first" approach, their successful pilot program supplied the Lander Share and Care Food Bank with fresh greens within a day of harvest, which was well-received. The initiative, funded by the Bank of Jackson Hole and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines’s Member Impact Fund, is set to expand further, emphasizing the company's commitment to local distribution and public-private partnerships for a sustainable future.

Van Geel Orchid in Erica, Drenthe, amidst an energy crisis forcing many Phalaenopsis orchid growers to halt operations due to high energy needs, has opted for sustainability by transitioning to Oreon's full-LED lighting. This shift, aligning with the company's dedication to sustainable cultivation, resulted in a 60% rise in light levels and a 25% decrease in energy expenses. The Oreon LED Control Center, integrated with Hoogendoorn’s climate system, offers unparalleled lighting control, optimizing energy usage for every square meter of the greenhouse. Collaborating with Ledgnd and Indagro Lighting BVBA, Van Geel Orchid successfully navigated this transition, maximizing both efficiency and environmental responsibility.

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