Sunday Wrap Up: New Project Emerges In The Middle East

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This Week in Indoor Farming: Middle East Sees Traction For Greenhouse

Saudi Arabia is partnering with Dutch greenhouse company Van Der Hoeven to turn a desert area into a horticultural oasis near the futuristic city of Neom. The $120 million project aims to address the country's reliance on food imports due to its arid landscape and extreme heat. The initiative will establish a synthetic climate for year-round crop production and hopes to evolve into a regional food hub. The project will incorporate state-of-the-art technologies such as AI-driven cultivation and advanced water filtration. Construction starts in 2023, aiming to produce over 300,000 tons of fruits and vegetables in the next decade.

ADQ and Safe Haven Solutions have partnered to launch a greenhouse in the UAE's AgTech Park to combat the country's dependence on imported food. Equipped with advanced technology, the 10-hectare facility will enable year-round cultivation of crops like tomatoes and cucumbers. The project aims to enhance domestic food production and further the UAE's goal of agricultural self-sufficiency, with plans to double the growing area in its subsequent phase. This collaboration is crucial to ensuring the nation's food security and agricultural independence.

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