Sunday Wrap up: Nanobubble Breakthroughs and Hydrogel Innovations for Greener Hydroponics.

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This Week in Indoor Farming: Nanobubble Advancements in Almería and the Rise of Gelponics

Southern California-based Moleaer is partnering with Spain's organic producer, BS Nature, to launch a new facility in Almería, addressing climate-related challenges such as drought and rising temperatures that affect crop yields in Spain, especially in Andalusia. Moleaer's groundbreaking nanobubble technology, which has shown significant increases in crop yield through multiple independent studies, optimizes water usage and boosts crop health by enriching irrigation water with oxygen nanobubbles. The Almería facility, situated in a region dense with greenhouses, will utilize Moleaer's latest INDALO™ generator to produce these beneficial nanobubbles efficiently.

CHAP and AEH Innovative Hydrogel have unveiled Gelponics, a pioneering hydrogel-based substrate for hydroponic indoor farming, developed over a three-year project funded by Innovate UK. Gelponics, crafted entirely from non-synthetic, low-carbon materials, stands as a sustainable counterpart to traditional substrates. After rigorous testing on crops like lettuce and basil at CHAP's Vertical Farming Development Centre, Gelponics demonstrated commendable germination, growth, and yield outcomes. Further bolstering its eco-friendly credentials, lifecycle analyses revealed its markedly reduced CO2 emissions compared to conventional substrates. With growing demand for sustainable solutions in hydroponics, AEH plans to launch Gelponics commercially, prioritizing both accessibility and sustainability.

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