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  • Sunday Wrap Up: Berlin's Tupu Secures Seed Funding for Mushroom Revolution and CubicFarm’s HydroGreen Expands with New California Feed Hub

Sunday Wrap Up: Berlin's Tupu Secures Seed Funding for Mushroom Revolution and CubicFarm’s HydroGreen Expands with New California Feed Hub

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This Week in Indoor Farming: Tupu's Tech-Driven Mushroom Cultivation Soars with New Funding, while CubicFarm's HydroGreen Launches Second Sustainable Feed Hub

Tupu, an agtech startup based in Berlin, raised $3.2M in Seed funding to innovate mushroom farming, with investment led by FoodLabs and Zubi Capital. The funds will boost production, supply major food service and retail players, and enhance Tupu’s automation technology, including their patented modular farming system and the first gourmet mushroom harvesting robot. Since its inception in November 2022, Tupu has been successfully distributing over three tons of mushrooms monthly to diverse customers, highlighting their commitment to sustainability and efficiency in urban agriculture. Co-founders Eldad Arnon and Daniel Lock emphasize the environmental benefits of their organic mushrooms, which require less CO2 emissions, water, and land than other food sources, demonstrating mushrooms' potential beyond the food industry.

CubicFarm Systems Corp. is expanding its sustainable agricultural technology reach with a new HydroGreen feed production facility in Visalia, California. This facility will join an existing one in Riverdale and will feature 20 advanced HydroGreen GLS 808 machines capable of producing 64 tons of feed per day. With Phase I already fully allocated to five large dairies and Phase II at 50% capacity, this growth highlights the strong market demand for the company's Feed-as-a-Service (FaaS) business model. FaaS focuses on providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable feed solutions that offer quality control and improved animal performance. CEO John de Jonge emphasizes the mutual benefits of the FaaS model, combining consistent, quality feed for producers with a stable revenue model for CubicFarm, showcasing the effectiveness and sustainability of their Automated Vertical Pastures™. This strategic expansion underlines CubicFarm’s commitment to enhancing sustainable feed solutions for the dairy and beef industries.

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