Sunday Wrap Up: Advancing Agriculture through Partnerships and Space Initiatives

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This Week in Indoor Farming: New Advancements Through Collaboration

UK's Vertical Future is pioneering a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) project for future space missions, backed by a UK Space Agency grant. Collaborating with global experts like Axiom Space and universities, they're designing an AI-powered autonomous agricultural system for deep space and the ISS. This could reshape Earth's vertical farming, ensuring diverse, resilient, and resource-efficient produce. Experts highlight its transformative potential for space exploration and terrestrial agriculture.

Kroger is deepening its collaboration with 80 Acres Farms, a leading vertical farming company. Starting from a single Cincinnati store in 2019, 80 Acres Farms now supplies over 300 Kroger outlets in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Their aim is to expand to about 1,000 Kroger stores across the Midwest and Southeast. This partnership aligns with Kroger's commitment to providing fresh, sustainable produce. 80 Acres Farms is known for its indoor, pesticide-free farming and will introduce new offerings beyond salad blends. CEO Mike Zelkind commends Kroger for recognizing the value of vertical farming in securing the future food supply chain.

Gotham Greens has launched its advanced hydroponic greenhouse in Colorado, adding to its eleven facilities across the U.S. Covering 140,000 square feet, this new location is the first of three planned for the year and significantly larger than its original Denver greenhouse. This expansion aims to provide a year-round supply of fresh produce to various sectors. By using innovative hydroponic systems, Gotham Greens reduces water and land usage compared to traditional methods. The brand's sustainability efforts also extend to packaging, reducing plastic usage by over 40%. Gotham Greens has become a key player in greenhouse farming, generating jobs and addressing water scarcity challenges. Alongside its commercial success, the company engages in community initiatives to combat food insecurity and promote local agriculture.

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