Sunday Recap: NASA To Continue Space Farming Research

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This Week in Indoor Farming

NASA will further its research on space farming for lengthy exploratory trips, where a healthy, balanced meal is crucial. The next phase in efforts to address the demand for a continuous fresh-food production system for working astronauts in space is the Pick-and-Eat Salad-Crop Productivity, Nutritional Value, and Acceptability to Supplement the International Space Station Food System (VEG-05) research.

The majority of the food consumed by astronauts is prepackaged, and they are regularly restocked by resupply flights. However, on lengthy voyages to Mars and beyond, pre-packaged meals will decay, and astronauts won’t have quick access to refill supplies. Crews will require sustainable food supplies as people travel further and remain in space for extended periods of time.

To satisfy this demand, tests are now supported on the space station by the Vegetable Production System (Veggie). This space garden has so far been effective in growing lush greens while in orbit. The Human Study Program and NASA’s Biological and Physical Sciences Division are both funding the research on VEG-05, which will increase agricultural diversity by introducing tiny tomatoes. The influence of light quality and fertilizer on fruit production, microbiological food safety, nutritional value, behavioral health benefits, and a crew tasting test will be the main topics of this inquiry.

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