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This Week’s Editorial

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This Week in Indoor Farming

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) and Crop One Holdings announced that they have each received a cost-matching grant of USD 1.5 million from the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) to assist researchers in finding an effective way to grow plant-based dietary protein through controlled environment agriculture (CEA). With its high protein content, fast-growing aquatic plants of the Lemnaceae (Lemna) family will be developed by Crop One and CSHL researchers to supply high-quality protein for human consumption.

Deane Falcone, Chief Scientific Officer at Crop One, said, “We’re eager to work closely with the Martienssen lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to adapt and extend existing technology in controlled environment agriculture to the year-round cultivation, harvesting, and commercial product optimization of Lemnaceae aquatic plants. Our study will unquestionably assist enhance access and fulfill the rising demand for more nutrient-dense, environmentally friendly meals while lessening the pressure on plant and animal protein production systems,”

According to Dr. Jeffrey Rosichan, head of the FFAR research program, “Lemnaceae is specially adapted for the human diet and may augment our protein needs as the worldwide need for protein develops.  This study is contributing to enhancing its nutritional content and utilizing enhanced controlled environment agricultural technologies to increase its accessibility to consumers.”

As reported by Italian media, Mark Up, Italy-based Planet Farms has been granted a 17.5M euros credit from Unicredit & guaranteed by Sace. As per the media, the construction work of the second vertical farm of Planet Farms will start in early 2023 in the province of Como and is expected to be larger than the current facility they are using.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the operation conducted with Sace and UniCredit, which today allows us to start building the new Cirimido farm, which will be significantly more extended compared to the over ten thousand square meters of Cavenago, allowing Planet Farms to considerably expand its production capacity and explore the new potential of vertical farming, as well as increasingly efficient,” says Daniele Benatoff, co-founder and co-CEO of the Planet Farms Group in an interview with

The two most recent entrances will direct Planet Farms’ growth in the direction of the establishment of a new research and development facility next to the Cavenago di Brianza plant and a new farm in Cirimido that will be roughly 50% bigger than the previous ones. Over 10,000 square meters of Cavenago will let the firm investigate new opportunities for vertical farming in the food industry and beyond and more effective production methods. The corporation is expanding its manufacturing capacity outside of Italy while also charting a course for global expansion by constructing new factories and research facilities there.

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