Season 6 is Here! (and more) | 🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - September 30, 2022

Hip hip- hooray! Season 6 has launched!

We're kicking off Season 6 with Inés Sagrario, Co-founder at Ekonoke. If you want to know how Inés' passion for sustainability led her and her cousin Ana to co-found the leading company in vertical farmed hops.

This episode, and more, just a few scrolls away.

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Season 6 Episode 66 - Creating Sustainable Solutions for Climate-Resilient Agriculture with Ekonoke’s Inés Sagrario

Co-Founder at Ekonoke, Inés Sagrario, joins the show to share her eclectic background, including her time at The Cluster Competitiveness Group, and the work she’s currently doing at Ekonoke, a sustainable indoor farming start-up. Ekonoke develops knowledge and technology to produce great quality hops year-round with significantly lower water and carbon footprint. Today, Harry and Inés talk about their shared experience as startup entrepreneurs, the power of strategic analysis, and how the indoor AgTech industry is evolving. Inés shares the growth cycle of hops, her passion for sustainability, and her special relationship with her co-founder, Ana.

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