Spearheading Sustainability in Indoor Farming with GyroPlant & Valoya

Discover this week's latest development from the world of Controlled Environment Agriculture.

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This Week in Indoor Farming: Revolutionizing Growth with GyroPlant & Valoya’s Innovations

In November 2023, GyroPlant, in collaboration with Crop Health and Protection (CHAP), launched a research and development project, funded by Innovate UK and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. This initiative aims to revolutionize the Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (T/CEA) sector by developing sustainable, substrate-free indoor farming technologies at an industrial scale. Central to this project is the GyroCup, a novel technology made from food-grade silicone rubber, designed to potentially eliminate the need for traditional planting substrates, thus addressing the industry's dependency on unsustainable growing mediums and enhancing food security.

The project unfolds over 20 months, focusing on conducting trials to determine the most effective and sustainable growing methods using GyroCup, alongside developing automation machinery for seeding. This collaborative effort seeks to mitigate the T/CEA industry's reliance on carbon-intensive and single-use substrates, thereby reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Marcus Comaschi, founder of GyroPlant, and Dr. Aurélie Bovi, Innovation Sector Lead at CHAP, underscore the project's importance in making indoor farming more resilient, efficient, and environmentally friendly, heralding a significant leap towards reducing the environmental footprint of food production.

Valoya's introduction of the Lumi-VF spectrum represents a significant leap forward in vertical farming, emphasizing the company's commitment to enhancing biomass production efficiently. Scientifically proven to boost biomass by up to 30%, Lumi-VF has shown exceptional results in growing larger leaves of basil and lettuce, underpinned by comprehensive research involving over 650 plant trials across more than 300 species and varieties. This spectrum not only facilitates faster growth and increased yields but also operates at an impressive energy efficiency of 2.8 umol/W, striking an optimal balance between promoting vigorous plant growth and ensuring energy cost savings. The design and functionality of the LL-series lights, equipped with Lumi-VF, cater to the practical needs of multi-tier vertical farming systems, offering a sleek, dimmable, and user-friendly solution that enhances both plant productivity and workplace environment.

Valoya's rigorous scientific approach in developing Lumi-VF underscores its leadership in the vertical farming industry, focusing on critical factors such as chlorophyll and flavonol content, plant height, and biomass in key crops like lettuce and basil. The comparative advantage of Lumi-VF over standard lighting options lies in its tailored spectrum, which not only supports optimal plant growth but is also pleasant for human workers, showcasing a superior design that directly addresses the plants' needs while ensuring a comfortable working environment. This innovative spectrum, combined with the practical design of the LL-series lights, positions Valoya to revolutionize vertical farming by providing a sustainable, efficient, and effective solution for growers aiming to maximize yield and quality in a controlled, energy-efficient manner.

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