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  • The resurgence of Urban Farms, Extending the life of Produce, and MORE! | 🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - July 1, 2022

The resurgence of Urban Farms, Extending the life of Produce, and MORE! | 🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - July 1, 2022

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It's Friday everyone! Not only is today the start of a new month, but it's also the start of this week's Vertical Farming Weekly!

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This Week in Vertical Farming

The latest Vertical Farming Podcast

Season 5 Episode 60 - Traversing the Goat Path to Success with Indoor Ag-Con’s Brian Sullivan

CEO of Indoor Ag-Con, Brian Sullivan joins the show to share his years of experience in event management and what led him to acquire Indoor Ag-Con, the premier trade show & conference for indoor vertical farming & controlled environment agriculture. Today, Harry and Brian discuss the highs and lows of the events industry, the resilience Brian showed throughout the course of the pandemic, and the importance Brian places on problem-solving and fostering a familial-type culture among his team.

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Issue #21 of Vertical Farming Weekly was curated by Noah Konevitch.

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