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  • Replacing Vending Machines with Hydroponics, Plenty's New $300M Campus, and MORE! | 🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - September 16, 2022

Replacing Vending Machines with Hydroponics, Plenty's New $300M Campus, and MORE! | 🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - September 16, 2022

Microgreens or Snickers bar?

Unless you're having a particularly bad day (or you're a vegan), you're going to pick the Snickers bar. This is the most basic way you can explain the reason behind our planet's obesity epidemic. When presented with the choice between something that is chemically designed to taste good and anything healthy the human brain is almost never going to choose the healthy option, especially when the healthy options aren't fresh and low quality. This is a situation where hydroponic farming shines.

Imagine instead of vending machines filled with old and processed food you could get a fresh salad instead? This is exactly what a school in Australia is doing instead. Melbourne's Hume Central Secondary College replaced their cafeteria vending machines with student grown hydroponic vegetables. Not only does this create an amazing learning experience for students, it also encourages them to eat healthy and sustainably.

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