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  • New Vertical Farming Jobs, Taiwanese Metro Station Farms, Geothermal Grown Edamame, and MORE! | 🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - October 7, 2022

New Vertical Farming Jobs, Taiwanese Metro Station Farms, Geothermal Grown Edamame, and MORE! | 🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - October 7, 2022

Happy October everyone!

We're kicking off October with something special... more Vertical Farming Jobs! We just got in a new shipment of job listings with some fantastic options for those who want to break into the CEA industry. You can find this week's featured job, as well as the latest in vertical farming, just a few scrolls down.

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Have a fantastic weekend, and a productive Indigenous Peoples' & World Mental Health Day!

-Noah 👷

This Week in Vertical Farming

The latest Vertical Farming Podcast (x2)

Season 6 Episode 67 - Using Agriculture & Storytelling to Make a Positive Difference in Society with From Farms to Incubators’ Amy Wu

Founder and Chief Content Director of From Farms to Incubators, Amy Wu joins the show today to share her mission of highlighting women in food, farming, and farmtech, especially women of color. Amy is an entrepreneur, storyteller, and award-winning writer for the women’s ag and agtech movement. Today, Amy speaks to the work she’s doing to tell the stories of women innovators and leaders in agrifoodtech. Amy reflects on her time as an investigative journalist, breaks down current issues such as food security, inflation and supply chain, and speaks to the power of representation.

Season 6 Episode 68 - Modernizing & Democratizing Vertical Farming in Greece with Christos Raftogiannis

Founder and CEO of CityCrop, Christos Raftogiannis, joins the show to share his passion for agriculture, how the Indoor AgTech industry has evolved in Greece, and the challenge of assembling a team to take on the complexities of vertical farming. Today, Harry and Christos engage in a discussion on what inspired Christos to launch CityCrop, how Christos has grown as a founder and the work CityCrop is doing to modernize and democratize farming as key to a healthier and greener living.

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Vertical Farming Jobs

We’ve been hearing from fans of the show that there was a need to connect employers and job seekers alike. If you’re looking for candidates or a career in CEA VerticalFarmingJobs.com is the place to find them.

Plenty is offering a full-time position as Senior Software Engineer. This position is a great opportunity for Software Engineers to break into the Vertical Farming space, with great job benefits too!

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