New Guide To Unlock The Energy Conundrum In CEA

A new guide has been published by UKUAT to help beginners unlock the energy conundrum in CEA

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Hey there! This week in indoor farming, we've seen a blend of ups and downs in stock performance. Infarm is going through a restructuring process as the sector navigates the ongoing energy price crisis.

In response, industry leaders have joined forces to create a helpful Beginner's Guide to Energy in CEA. In exciting news, Fusarium-resistant strawberries have been developed, and Ynsect secured a whopping $177M in funding.

Watch for upcoming events like CEA 4.0, the Food Tech Congress, and the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit. And remember to explore informative articles on hydroponic gardening, urban agriculture directors, and sustainable farming. Happy reading!

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This Week’s Editorial

This Week in Indoor Farming

Infarm closes its operations in several countries. Last November, the company announced its intention to downsize and shut down some of its facilities to cut costs and streamline operations. At the time of the announcement, it was revealed that the facilities in Frankfurt and Copenhagen were set to be consolidated while operations in the UK, France, and the Netherlands would be downsized. Fast forward to February 9th of this year, and the company announced that it would be closing down operations in the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Japan.

The restructuring continued in April as the company announced the closure of its facilities in Frankfurt on the 6th and Copenhagen on the 14th. However, Infarm’s operations in the US, Canada, and other facilities in Germany are expected to remain (for now, at least). Last year, during Bloomberg’s event in Doha, Qatar, Infarm announced its plans to open a new facility by the end of the year, for which no updates have been given.

As the indoor farming sector grapples with the fallout from the energy price crisis, newcomers face a labyrinth of complex concepts related to energy sources’ role in their operations' efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. The path ahead may seem daunting, but key Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) players have joined forces to offer a lifeline: A Beginner’s Guide to Energy in CEA. This comprehensive guide, a collaboration between UKUAT, LettUs Grow, and District Eating, aims to empower indoor growers by breaking down critical decisions related to energy use and making information accessible and relevant across the sector.

The guide stands out as a testament to the power of collaboration between industry leaders. With contributions from experts in urban agriculture, indoor farming technology, and low-carbon horticulture, A Beginner’s Guide to Energy in CEA provides a wealth of knowledge to help newcomers establish a solid foundation in understanding the impact of energy on both their business models and sustainability initiatives. The content has been rigorously peer-reviewed by UKUAT members, ensuring it encompasses up-to-date, hyper-relevant information in every area of CEA.

Mark Horler, Chairman at UK Urban Agritech, said, “As an industry association, UKUAT is often a first port of call for prospective entrepreneurs looking to establish their farms. Unfortunately, we often still hear from them that getting started and finding reliable information in those crucial early stages is tough. Our purpose is to actively nurture and encourage the growth and expansion of our sector and to lower barriers to entry. So we are delighted to be able to bring together the expertise of organizations in our membership, and across our wider networks, toward those goals.”

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