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Good morning readers, GreenV, a worldwide consortium of horticultural suppliers, has recently acquired Green Simplicity, a Dutch firm known for its innovative horticultural technologies and knowledge.

In other news, Virginia Venture Partners, an equity investment arm of the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC), has invested in Babylon Micro-Farms, a startup based in Charlottesville, VA. Babylon Micro-Farms offers a technologically advanced vertical farming platform that allows individuals to cultivate fresh produce sustainably.

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This Week in Indoor Farming

GreenV, a global consortium of horticultural suppliers, has announced the acquisition of a 100% stake in the Dutch knowledge and technology firm Green Simplicity, bolstering its standing in agricultural innovation. The merger is the outcome of a mutual agreement reached by both entities.

Founded in 2014 and stationed in Andijk, the Netherlands, Green Simplicity is a growing enterprise employing eight people. The company consists of two primary divisions: Green Simplicity Research, which develops research systems for optimizing growth conditions in fully controlled environments, and Green Simplicity Concepts, focusing on the conceptual design and execution of systems for large-scale, daylight-free cultivation.

Currently serving approximately 250 clients, primarily growers, and breeders in the Netherlands, Green Simplicity’s unique knowledge and technologies will strengthen GreenV’s capacity to support its customers across the globe. With the integration of Green Simplicity into its operations, GreenV will be equipped to offer new cultivation concepts to its customers, promising increased yields and accelerated growth in both daylight-dependent and independent settings through innovative advances in automation, climate control, lighting, and software.

As an innovative hub within GreenV, Green Simplicity will closely coordinate with the group’s indoor farming operations and other companies such as Prins Group and Prins USA (greenhouse construction), Stolze (installation engineering), HT Verboom (internal transport systems), and Voshol Warmte- en Elektrotechniek and JV Energy Solutions (climate and installation engineering).

Virginia Venture Partners, an equity investment arm of the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC), recently invested in Babylon Micro-Farms, an innovative startup based in Charlottesville, VA. This dynamic company offers a futuristic, IoT-enabled vertical farming platform, empowering anyone to cultivate fresh, sustainable produce with just the touch of a button.

The driving force behind this investment is a consumer trend gaining traction nationwide: an escalating demand for fresh, organic produce. However, the supply chains involved in delivering fresh, organic produce are often long and costly. As a result, many communities across the United States face a scarcity of affordable, fresh organic food. Babylon Micro-Farms addresses this challenge by providing small growers and businesses with scalable indoor farming modules.

“Babylon is steadfast in the belief that everyone deserves access to fresh and affordable food,” says Alexander Olesen, CEO and Co-Founder of Babylon. The VIPC’s continuous support and investment, he says, “are instrumental in our mission to make the world’s simplest micro farm accessible to everyone.”

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