How Clean Room Tech, Robotics, and AI are Shaping the Future of Indoor Farming

🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - August 18, 2023

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Season 9 is happening!

Hey everyone, looks like I got a little bit too excited about season 9, the past two weeks have been re-runs but this time its for real and this is not the warm up! Get ready because season 9 is well and truly here and we are so excited to share the new content you have all been waiting for. Without further ado...

Unlock the future of modern agriculture with Nick Bateman, Executive Chairman at GrowPura. Nick, a seasoned veteran in the high tech business sphere, uncovers the exciting blend of clean room technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence that's shaping vertical farming. He illustrates how this burgeoning field is not only responding to the shifting crop demands of customers, but also bolstering sustainability and food security solutions.

This conversation takes an intriguing turn as we navigate the unique challenges of the vertical farming industry, notably around the crucial aspect of funding. You'll discover how their groundbreaking technology is making strides, thanks to its cost-saving benefits, two years ahead of other vertical farming companies. Hear from Nick about the importance of forging the right partnerships and the role they play in our journey towards a more sustainable future.

Finally, Nick shares his enthusiasm for the potential of vertical farming and how you can connect with GrowPura. Tune in to this enlightening discussion and stay on the cutting edge with technological advancements that are reshaping our world.

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