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  • The future of Beer Production, Container farms, The unionization of Square Roots, and more! - 🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - June 3, 2022

The future of Beer Production, Container farms, The unionization of Square Roots, and more! - 🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - June 3, 2022

Beer- Not only is it America's alcoholic beverage of choice, but it's also a $100 billion dollar industry. But let's focus on 26% of that $100 billion. Out of all the beer sold in the United States, independent breweries bring in just over $26 billion dollars.

When it comes to carbon footprint, the US beer industry could do a lot worse. 42% of the world's hops are grown in the United Sates, and only a mere $8.5 million in imports vs. over $56 million of hops exported from the US. But that's where the "environment friendliness" ends. A staggering 98% of hops are grown in the Northwestern United States. Ninety-eight percent!

So, what does that all mean? Basically, if you're an independent brewery on the east coast, for example, you have to ship your hops ~3,000 miles to your brewery, with the entire trip using fossil fuels. Not only is this expensive financially, but also environmentally.

But what is the answer to putting a dent in the 8 gigatons in carbon emissions the transportation industry creates a year? (Hint: it's vertical farming)

According to Ekonoke, a company out of Spain specializing in vertical farming, using AI and hydroponics breweries can reduce their carbon footprint by growing their hops in house, all while improving the overall quality of their brews. This process can even lead to a net-neutral in carbon emissions as the CO₂ produced by the fermentation process can be pumped back into the greenhouse to be recycled.

We're back! This week we finally have a new episode of Vertical Farming Podcast, featuring Viraj Puri, Co-founder and CEO of Gotham Greens. That episode, and more, just a few swipes down.

Until next week (hopefully),

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Co-founder and CEO of Gotham Greens, Viraj Puri is on a mission to transform the way we approach our food system by growing greener foods in better ways. Through his work atGotham Greens, Viraj and his team help to build and operate sustainable greenhouses in cities across America. Today, Viraj and Harry dive deep into the urban farming industry and why it is critical to educate a future workforce of engineers, scientists and farmers to ensure its continued success. They touch on Viraj’s inspiration for launching Gotham Greens, revitalizing communities and innovating for a sustainable future.

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