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🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - September 09, 2023

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Season 9 of the Vertical Farming Podcast

Have you ever wondered how the world of technology collides with the world of agriculture? Prepare to be spellbound as we sit down with Robin Vincent, the tech-savvy CEO and CINNO of Canobi Technologies. Robin takes us through his fascinating journey, from his early fascination with technology and his evolution from infrastructure architect to CEO. He paints a vivid picture of his personal project to reduce the mortality rate of stingrays and seahorses, a venture that guided him towards the creation of Canobi.

The conversation takes a deep dive as we explore the company’s growth, challenges, and its unique product offerings. Robin enlightens us about their Agri-agent network, and the relentless testing that takes place in their in-house lab. From the plains of Kenya to the valleys of South Africa, we traverse the rising interest in agriculture, the impact of Canobi Academy's online education, and the exhilaration of being part of a nascent industry. We also touch on the upcoming Green Tech and Innovation Summit conferences and the ripple effects they will have on the industry.

As our conversation winds down, we delve into the innovative world of vertical farming, looking at energy efficiency and the potential of integrating different technologies. Robin talks about the importance of collaboration, the richness of experiential learning, and how Canobi Technologies is empowering farmers with technology. Robin's optimism and excitement for what lies ahead in the vertical farming industry are infectious. So join us on this insightful journey with Robin Vincent!

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With all the messages we receive from those already established in vertical farming as well as those just beginning to explore this amazing industry, it felt like the right time to create a group on LinkedIn. No surprise, it’s called the Vertical Farming Community! Join us and spread the word.

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