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🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - August 26, 2023

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Season 9 New Episode

Like a modern-day agricultural alchemist, Mary Kathryn Scala co-founder of Freight to Plate, turns shipping containers into havens of verdant growth. In our conversation, Mary Kathryn walks us through her journey from the bustling restaurants of Chicago to the vibrant city of Austin, where she first discovered the potential of container farming. Her entrepreneurial spirit, ignited by this innovative concept, led her back to her roots in Chicago with a mission to revolutionize food systems.

Hear Mary Kathryn's passionate discourse on the hard work and dedication it takes to bring to life a hyperlocal food system. We traverse the unique intricacies of setting up a container farm, and the importance of harnessing the power of partnerships in this sector. Mary Kathryn shares her insights on the ideal partners for this venture and highlights the pivotal role of tech integration in the current projects of Freight to Plate. The real magic begins when she begins to describe their mid-century modern farmhouse – a testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into creating a successful hyperlocal food system.

As we wrap up, we take a moment to glimpse into the future of food production with a look at the Freight to Plate Homestead. This is more than just farming – it's a year-round showcase of controlled environment agriculture, fostering community development and technological collaborations. Mary Kathryn underlines the importance of mutual respect in these partnerships and how they are the key to success in vertical farming. Join us as we venture on this enlightening journey with Mary Kathryn, and glean insightful and inspiring perspectives on the future of food systems.

Building Community

With all the messages we receive from those already established in vertical farming as well as those just beginning to explore this amazing industry, it felt like the right time to create a group on LinkedIn. No surprise, it’s called the Vertical Farming Community! Join us and spread the word.

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