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🌿Vertical Farming Weekly - January 6, 2023

Good afternoon to all our Vertical Farming Podcast fanatics!

We hope you all had a fantastic New Year, full of excitement for your New Years Resolutions (that you definitely will follow through with), accidentally writing "2022" on documents for the next few weeks, and resetting the clock on every single appliance you own because we still partake in Daylight Savings for some outdated reason.

2022 may be gone, but Vertical Farming Podcast isn't. New year, new season! We're kicking off 2023 with a conversation with Tom Adamczyk, Founder & CEO at Planted Detroit. This is an episode you don't want to miss.

Once you're done with that, check out this article on AI robot built Vertical Farms, and of course, enjoy the rest of week's issue of Vertical Farming Weekly.

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Tom Adamczyk is the Founder & CEO at Planted Detroit, a beyond-organic farm that grows nutrient-packed greens and micros in a sustainable & controlled environment. Today, Harry and Tom discuss the origins of Planted Detroit, the revitalization of the city of Detroit, and Tom’s background in finance. Tom touches on the lessons he learned as a leader and CEO during the Covid-19 pandemic, the role mentors have played in his journey and why he believes it is critical for any business owner or investor to love the product.

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